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Arts, Crafts and Design: the real Made in Italy

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First session: July 10-23, 2018

Second session: August 21-September 3, 2018

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Arts, Crafts and Design: the real Made in Italy

Arts, Crafts and Design: the real Made in Italy

Diploma Quasar
Arts, Crafts and Design: the real Made in Italy
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First session: July 10-23, 2018

Second session: August 21-September 3, 2018

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This hands-on, free-style and interdisciplinary course pulls in curious, ambitious and talented students as well as professionals from all over the world, for an intense and unique period of research, exchange and enjoyment in the refreshing and inspiring environment of Rome. If you are a designer and you wish to broaden your skills and find inspiration, this workshop is perfect for you. Quasar Summer School offers innovative design courses in the splendid setting of the ancient city of Rome. We invest in a culture that respects the past and builds for the future, and look for a sustainable relationship between artisanal techniques and innovative methods, in order to give life to a creative environment that people from all cultures can experience and share.


First session: from July 10thto July 23rd, 2018

Second session: from August 21stto September 3rd, 2018

Duration: two weeks per session, 80 hours of lessons over 9 days, from 10am to 7pm (with 1-hour break).

Credits (recommended): 8 ECTS


This course is aimed at students of product design or professionals who wish to deepen their design experience in the great city of Rome. Studio sessions are complemented by visits to artisanal workshops and tours of the city. Rome is a place where tradition, new technologies and craftsmanship coexist.


In the current market, saturated with industrial products, self-produced designs are becoming increasingly popular. Product categories are varied and range from decorative items to those for the person, but all of them are the result of the creativity and the work of designers who manage the entire design process, from idea to production and distribution. This new phenomenon is now at the center of international design debate. It is a less known and less reviewed path, but definitely very productive. Theoretically, self-production constitutes a kind of affirmation of autonomy; in practice, it often results in a real self-promotional strategy that young designers use to get in touch with the industry. Other times it is rather a step towards forms of production handled personally by the designer, a hybrid between artisanal crafts and limited series; thus the figure of the designer/craftsman and designer/entrepreneur emerges. Inspired by a renewed interest in manual and direct experimentation, self-production can become the main path for young designers.



  • Contemporary design in Italy
  • Introduction to self-made design
  • Analysis of contemporary economical and cultural scenarios
  • Artisans and craftsmanship
  • Developing 2D concepts into 3D prototypes
  • Introduction to branding and communication strategy
  • Introduction to social media marketing
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