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Yacht Design

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Yacht Design
Yacht Design
Yacht Design
Yacht Design
Yacht Design
Yacht Design

Yacht Design

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Yacht Design
Yacht Design
Yacht Design
Yacht Design
Yacht Design
Yacht Design
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Do you know what a naval architect does? How does one design and build a yacht?
What are the steps, from concept to design to creation, in the context of an industrial process? What do you need to know about the composite materials and their use in the field in yachting?

The Italian nautical design has been synonymous with excellence for over 80 years. This course aims to teach the objective procedures for the proper design of a pleasure boat.



The field of yacht design

The sector dedicated to luxury and fun is always a point of reference for countries around the world.

Since the Forties, the Italian school has revolutionized the yacht market, and with the advent of the economic boom of the Sixties, historic Italian brands such as Riva and many others have evolved into social status brands.

In the new globalized market, it’s fundamental to adapt to new ways to live and think the luxury experience of the sea.

This course aims to train the students to adapt to the new market and to learn about new types of boats and shipbuilding methods – especially the more eco-friendly ones, designed for customers who are more attentive to the preservation of our planet.

Taking this into account, new yachts have to be designed in order to maximize the ratio between construction costs and durability. Eco-friendly composite materials and hybrid engines will be the key themes of this course.


This course is designed for everyone who loves the sea and knows the world of sailing; people who aren’t necessarily technicians or naval architects, but who definitely want to deepen their knowledge of this field.

The course is open, but not limited to, undergraduates and postgraduates in Architecture and Engineering, to Architect Junior Designers, to graduates from any School of Design.

This course is especially geared towards students with an interest in entrepreneurship, creativity and social innovation; to people thinking about starting their own company (or having a business idea) in the ICT/creative industry, with a keen eye for social change- and innovation-related aspects.

This program is aimed at current design students or new professionals who wish to broaden and enrich their design experience in the capitals of yacht design.
Studio sessions will be supported by visits to shipyards and yachts.


To attend this hands-on course the participants must have a good knowledge of 3D modeling and know the program Rhinoceros. They must be reasonably good at freehand drawing and have a basic knowledge of Photoshop.



– Technical terminology
– Exteriors and Interiors
– Classification of boats (RINA – MCA – CE)
– Concept design
– Projects example
– Project 55 (workshop)

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